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Prescribed Coffee: The Bank House GP Surgery Partnership

We have launched the start of a local partnership with The Bank House GP Surgery located within the one-life centre in Hartlepool.

It has been identified that a number of people reach out to their GP because they are simply lonely and not for a medical reason.

But because they lack a basis human interaction and connection with others, now thanks to a new partnership between LilyAnne's and The Bank House GP Surgery those who are visiting the practice that need a little extra support in-terms of reducing their feelings of loneliness, talking to someone or to make some new friends because they are feeling lonely or isolated.

Those identified as needing some support within a social setting are now prescribed a visit to LilyAnne's to meet and connect with others.

The new partnership means that GPs, Practice Nurses and even Mental Health Nurses are now able to refer someone who really needs some extra support across the LilyAnne's when they really need it.

Often LilyAnne's has the extra time to be able to spend with people who want to engage with us while being able to support people with a community approach and help them build a wider network with other local support available.

The price of accessing support at LilyAnne's is the price of a drink, which helps support our eco system so by making LilyAnne's your local coffee shop we are able to support our community.

Together we are making a difference and supporting local people who really need it.



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