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LilyAnne's Wellbeing delivers site-wide mental health support at the Hartlepool Tall Ships 2023

LilyAnne's Wellbeing delivers site-wide mental health support across the Hartlepool Tall Ships 2023.

This is the first time mental health support has been delivered in this way at a major event.

The project was developed with Hartlepool Borough Council as part of our community give-back scheme.

A team of 6 members of LilyAnne's Wellbeing walked over 350 miles across the 4-day event to ensure support was in place for those experiencing a mental health crisis on site.

The team where kept very busy with various incidents across the weekend which included supporting parents of lost children, those who had lost friends, facing a mental health crisis and a lady whose mobility scooter had broken down.

We had the amazing pleasure and honour to meet the undisputed super middleweight Champion of the world Savannah Marshall.

What an incredible weekend it was and we cannot wait to take part in future events offering roaming support.



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