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Hartlepool Check In Point: We care give us a chance.

You may have noticed Little QR Codes everywhere you go, LilyAnne's, some amazing volunteers and Hartlepool Health & Wellbeing Alliance have helped create a small card and shared these everywhere.

Each quote is written by someone we have supported when they've really needed it and the quotes on the card has helped them through a tough time, some of the cards are written by young people.

Locally we know of people who have sadly taken their life without reaching out for any support, which is why we came up with the idea of the cards to share awareness help is here from the local community.

Together we've walked hundreds of thousands of steps to get these across the town, To raise awareness of places to go for support, with some amazing coverage from the BBC Tees, The Hartlepool Mail & Teesside Live.

Trevor & Ruth popped over to Stranton Fire Station, which is a place of safety 24 hours a day to deliver and set up a box to support anyone needing to use the place of safety.

Angela popped over to Summer Hill to set up the first Hartlepool Check In Point and the second over at the Hartlepool Community Hubs Central.

The QR Codes and Hartlepool Check In Point links everyone who scans the QR Code to During the first 4 weeks of the campaign 1000 QR Codes where placed across Hartlepool, with 300 scans and 25 people accessing LilyAnne's for support.

The Campaign will continue to grow to ensure we spread awareness that support is here. Because "We care give us a chance".



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