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LilyAnne's is a great place to volunteer each and every day we support those who want to make positive changes within their life, often the support we provide is life changing. 

We are currently not recruiting volunteers, we open volunteering at set periods throughout the year to match our courses and induction intakes.

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Setting high standards when it comes to volunteering

Being a volunteer at LilyAnne's means you offer some life changing support within our community.


We have set some of the highest charity standards within the charity sector nationally which. 

Before you are able to start volunteering with us you should have the following as a minimum these have been set with the charities commission. 


    Enhanced DBS (We fund this)

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Counselling Skills

  • Safeguarding (children & adults)

When you start with us you will be required to undertake a LilyAnne's Wellbeing Accredited qualification. 

Those who are in rehabilitation must regularly engage with drug and alcohol programmes and pass regular tests. 

Ex-offenders can apply but must show positive steps in changing their life and must engage actively with support and local partners.

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