LilyAnne's get an extension with the support of the Poolie Time Exchange.

Back in early 2020, we met with the Poolie Time Exchange to share a vision of bringing the building that LilyAnne's C.I.C is based within back into life. At the time it was just an idea.

We simply wanted to bring the area of Hartlepool back to life, we wanted to work with a few people who we knew could make this dream happen.

Very quickly those plans moved ahead, and we expanded our little coffee shop with the support from the Poolie Time Exchange into the ground floor of the old jobcentre to create a fantastic new coffee shop layout which was blended with the new Poolie Time Emporium to bring together two community-focused business.

Since the building has opened there is a great community feel that begins on the ground floor and emanates throughout the building, The most amazing thing about this project that is made up of LilyAnne's C.I.C, The Poolie Time Emporium and Bovis House Business Centre is these were planned before Covid hit and despite knowing Covid was here the bulk of the work happened during the first national coronavirus lockdown.

LilyAnne's C.I.C with the support of The Poolie Time Emporium and Bovis House Business Centre had expanded and re-opened as a bigger coffee shop focused on supporting our community in collaboration with some great community-focused people and groups.