Let’s Talk Loneliness - LilyAnne’s to distribute hampers to support those who are socially isolated.

Updated: Mar 3

Feeling lonely or disconnected is a natural reaction to the current coronavirus pandemic, because socially we are being told we need to stay away from each other and to avoid social contact, This isn’t easy for people.

But it’s vitality important that you don’t blame yourself for these feelings of loneliness because the current restrictions will make us feel this way. Which is why LilyAnne’s C.I.C is looking to support members of our community who are living alone and without a support bubble who may be feeling this way.

We will be distributing social companionship first aide packs which will reduce the associated feelings of loneliness and aim to improve the wellbeing during the national lockdown.

The last week of January is the hardest for most, because Christmas bills start hitting the door matt, people have the least amount of money this added to the national coronavirus lockdown will increase the levels of isolation and mental health thoughts which is why we’ll be sending out 100 hampers to those within our community who are isolated and could simple do with some cheering up to know that members of the community are thinking of them, support is available and that they are not alone.

LilyAnne's Top three tips to reduce feelings of loneliness

  • Talk to your family and friends this can make a big difference, simply talking on the phone or video chat can avoid or reduce the feelings of loneliness. Talking to each other helps us stay connected.

  • Drop a text or an email to your friends to strike up a conversation. If you have lost touch with a friend this could be a good way to reconnect and chat with each other.

  • When you talking to someone by have no idea what to say think about mutual interests, maybe watch the same tv show or movie and talk about it. another great way would be to play online games or quizzes.

About LilyAnne’s

LilyAnne’s CIC offers a real sense of community and belonging, many people who visit LilyAnne’s leave not knowing they’ve just been into a community cafe, this is because it is located within a busy town centre location and we have adapted an approach where we don’t look or feel like a community cafe.

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