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World Homeless Day 2023

.Within a Small Town like Hartlepool we shouldn’t have the levels of homelessness we do.

Homelessness as an issue is as not straight forward as it seems they are very complex.

Often it requires tough choices and life changes to make being housed work.

Sometimes we need to change things before we can be rehoused to make it happen.

Unfortunately when it comes to being housed your past can catch up with you and this should never be the case.

We should be able to show that we have changed and grown from our past.

But there are lots of incredible people who are able to support those experiencing homelessness.

We have some fantastic charities within Hartlepool supporting those experiencing Homelessness such as

- LilyAnne's Wellbeing

- The Annexe

- Cornerstone Supported Housing and Counselling

We are all working together to ensure homelessness is supported within Hartlepool.

We have a fantastic and supportive Housing Team within the Council who are miles ahead of other local authority areas.



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