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Coffee lovers in Hartlepool LilyAnne's Coffee Bar is open

On the 14th August 2017, We were delighted to open the doors to LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar after completing an extensive 4-month renovation of our shop on Victoria Road, Hartlepool.

When we took over the unit it had been derelict for a number of years and we believe we have brought life back to a forgotten area of Victoria Road, connected to local transport this is an area of first impressions for people visiting Hartlepool on the Durham and Sunderland buses.

LilyAnne’s Coffee bar is a traditional barista coffee shop with a light selection of meals to ensure with your freshly brewed coffee. Those who love quality coffee will love and appreciate the value of a Coffee Bar such as LilyAnne's in Hartlepool.

LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar is very much a family run business offering a high level of customer service experience in Hartlepool.

Our coffee is responsibly sourced and arguably one of the best coffee’s you’ll have ever tasted, But we also have a selection of speciality teas for you tea lovers.

Our aim is to bring a great coffee experience to Hartlepool, within a relaxing environment with a backdrop of background music.

One visit to LilyAnne’s is often enough to ensure you’ll come back time and time again.



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