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When is it a problem?

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Loneliness Support

If you are looking to reduce the feelings of loneliness and social isolation within Hartlepool, take the first step and drop in to see one of our team members who can support you Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

What causes the feelings of loneliness  

The feeling of loneliness can be caused by a number of reasons and each person has there own individual experience of the reasons why they could be experiencing loneliness.

We can never understand what anyone's experience is really like when they feel lonely because each one in itself is different. 

But there are a number of themed root causes that could trigger the feelings of loneliness/ 

  • Having a recent bereavement

  • going through a relationship breakdown 

  • starting a new school, college of a university. 

  • finishing education and leaving a school, college or university and not being around the same people.

  • retiring and losing the social contact you had at work.

  • changing jobs and feeling isolated from your co-workers.

  • moving to a new area away from your family, friends or community networks. 

  • Leaving shared accommodation with a group of friends to a house on your own.

  • Starting your own family and having a baby. 

How to reduce the feelings of loneliness

  • Learning more about becoming comfortable within your own space and company. 

  • Trying to open up to people you know. 

  • Taking it slow not to overwhelm yourself. 

  • Making new connections and meeting new people within social groups and activities.

  • Trying not to compare yourself to others everyone's journey is different. 

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