More than

Just a Coffee

LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar is little coffee shop with a big heart and a big vision.


We look around our amazing town of Hartlepool and we see lots of good.


There are good people good ideas. 

Welcome to 

Our creative space

LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar is a community business we are a creative and empowering space.


We are a small coffee shop but we have big hearts which in turn makes great things happen within our community

Locally Roasted

Our Coffee 

Our Coffee is locally roasted at the Granary by a team of specialists who use the latest technology to ensure each and every single coffee cup tastes amazing.

Ensuring our coffee bean is roasted from raw to the highest of standards before being sent to the Coffee Bar for grinding and tasting.


We develop 

Our Amazing Coffee is lightly roasted to perfection to ensure the coffee aromas and oils stay within our beans ensuring our taste notes remain intact.

It only takes 15 minutes for our beans to be roasted from raw, They are cooled before packaged and sent to our Coffee Bar.

We maintain fantastic relationships with our roaster who in turn have fantastic sustainable relationships with the farmers who grow our coffee beans while ensuring the farmers get a fair price to enable them to secure the crop for next year.

We take pride in knowing the coffee that we serve has been specially selected.

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