What's On 

LilyAnne's Coffee Bar runs a number of events with the main aim of reducing mental health, loneliness and social isolation.


Due to Covid-19 some of the events we are running are reduced and limited. We hope to return to full strength with these events soon, While these are limited we are continuing to support our community.   

Veterans Breakfast Morning

Each Saturday we host the Veteran's Breakfast Morning which is a great opportunity for like-minded veterans in Hartlepool to come out and enjoy a coffee within a social environment, within a COVID-Safe environment.  Due to Covid-19, this group is currently not running.


However, you can still pop in for a coffee and take advantage of the relaxed environment to help combat the feeling of social isolation and loneliness. Our team will be on hand to share a friendly chat. 

Chatter & Natter 

Every Tuesday we host Chatter & Natter where we welcome people into the coffee shop who are looking to create companionship and reduce the feeling of loneliness, to create new friends all age groups are invited to come along to our chatter & natter mornings. If you are wanting to talk to someone and are wanting to make some new friends or chat to a stranger. It's perfect for a wet and windy day. 


It's perfect for parents needing adult time or those who are older looking for a conversation you can simply start by sitting down for five minutes and seeing how things pan out, but you are welcome to stay as long as you want. But due to Covid-19, this event is currently following strick coronavirus lockdown rules.

Table Top Games

Tabletop games are placed around the cafe, to encourage the reduce the feeling of loneliness and creating a sense of fun on a wet and rainy day. We have a large number of board games to encourage those attending the cafe on their own looking to create new friends to break the ice and play some great games. This is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 restrictions we hope to have the board games back up and running. 

Book Shelf Share

We are launching our book share where you can bring a book in and swop it for another book to encourage reading within the coffee shop you can even take the book home as long as you bring it back at some point to swop it with another.