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What is Stress?

Stress is how we react and feel when we are under pressure or of we feel threatened. 

Stress often happens when we are in a situation we don't feel we can manage or control.


We can experience stress it can be as a result of:

  • Having too many responsibilities that you are struggling to manage. 

  • You could be facing housing or financial problems that you feel you cannot control. 

  • You could be fearful that your job could be at risk as a result of redundancy or disciplinary action.

  • Reacting to a difficult situation such as a family or friend being unwell or bereavement.

  • or reacting to a situation you've seen within your community or on the news such as a natural disaster or events such as the coronavirus pandemic. 

When is Stress a problem?

Sometimes a small amount of stress can cheer us along to reach and complete tasks and targets

which enables us to feel energised and enable us to feel like we have achieved something. 

But Stress can become a problem when it lasts for a long time or becomes very intense which then has an impact on our physical or mental health. 

Although stress is not a mental health problem it can result in you experiencing a mental health problem and is usually linked to anxiety and depression. 

You also might think using recreational drugs or alcohol could help you cope with stress but this could further affect your mental health and cause further stress.

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