Since 2017 LilyAnne's has been working within a way to support the community which was founded and created by Trevor Sherwood. 

Choosing LilyAnne's as your regular coffee shop means there's a lot of good going on.

Because making us your coffee shop means we are able to work with people who are accessing local GPs because they are feeling trapped within a cycle because they are suffering loneliness and social isolation. 

Meaning that when you buy a coffee at LilyAnne's you are supporting and helping us fund the UK's First Prescribed Coffee Scheme which is fully funded us your support. 

Working together as a team with our partners Hartlepool & Stockton Health to enable GP surgeries across Hartlepool to be able to socially prescribe coffee. 


The reason for this was to enable us to tackle the root cause of loneliness within the town by enabling an opportunity to create companionship within all the wrap-around services we offer.   

Many NHS staff has told Trevor that many people come into the GPS and hospitals because they are lonely and go there for someone friendly to talk to despite there being no other medical reason. With their wish that they could prescribe a friend.  

This is the first time that a project of this type has been created within the UK and it's funded by the generosity of our customers through the suspended coffee scheme and the sale of our products within the coffee shop.

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