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Walk to Wellness Hartlepool Short Walks.

Each week Walk To Wellness meets at LilyAnne's Coffee Bar 1045am the walk will last about half an hour and will be at your pace.

After the walk you can meet back at the coffee shop for a drink and a chat. It's a great way of meeting and connecting with new like minded people.

The Walk to Wellness is a great opportunity to take your first steps to getting active and walking within Hartlepool.

These are all short town centre walks which are all between 15 to 30 mins with the main aim of supporting people in talking the first steps to getting active and getting together with new people.

If you are looking to get out the house and meet with new people because you feel like you need to meet some new people and want to reduce the feelings of loneliness this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

The wellness programme is delivered in partnership with Active Hartlepool & Hartlepool Borough Council.

If you are looking to get involved in some more advanced walks in and around Hartlepool please have a look at Active Hartlepool Walking activities page.



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