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This World Mental Health Day it's time to start getting it right rather just raising awareness.

World Mental Health Day 2023 It's not just a day to raise awareness of mental health problems we are sick of raising awareness.

We've raised enough awareness, we all know what mental health is and we understand it.

Many people claim to support the mental health of others, but really unless we can unpick the lives of those experiencing mental health, and work with them very closely with lots of trauma and complexity we haven't really even begun to touch the surface.

It takes time to work with people, hours of time to get to know them in person understand them and work out how you can begin to improve their lives with signposting being one of the worst levels of support anyone can offer.

What we need to remember is the feelings of mental health can be managed, and we can learn to cope with these but they will never fade, they'll always be there it's how we manage them.

The real problem is many of us are not getting the right support, it's time to start changing the system and making mental health work within the UK.

The mental health system is broken & there is no sign of things getting better. The NHS are doing an incredible job under the fierce budget cuts they face. No one person will ever have the simple fix.

But when you consider the fact that the Mental Health Act has never been reviewed in over 40 years when mental health wasn't really considered a serious thing that many laughed at.

There simply isn't enough mental health support out there that has a real impact, on changing how people feel and starts improving people's mindsets and lives one step at a time.

That is the exact reason we became a charity to challenge the system and make it even better for the people we support every day.

We need better mental health support when people want it with better access and better levels of support.

We need a government that is willing to back better mental health within the UK.



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