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The undercurrent of kindness behind hustle and bustle of this coffee shop.

During the past 2 years we have been working hard within developing a new concept within Hartlepool, a project that we believe has never been done before in the UK.

Before the world had even heard of covid 1 in 4 people across the UK attend a doctors surgey or hospital because they are lonely, they need somone to talk to simply because they know this will be the place where they are guaranteed a smile and a warm welcome.

With the biggest wish of the people they come in to see wishing they could prescribe them with a friend, LilyAnne’s will become that friend.

Working with the NHS and Hartlepool social subscribing teams across all Hartlepool GPs and soon the walk in centres and hospitals we will be working across an incredible network and partnership to bring these people in to the coffee shop to create companionship and friendships.

Ensuring we are truely able to hit the root cause of loneliness and social isolation.

Within the next couple of months people who attend the doctors because they are suffering light tough mental health, social isolation and loneliness will be reffered over to LilyAnne’s to ensure we can truely support them and welcome them into our community.

The project will take advantage of our suspended coffee scheme and pay it forward programmes aswell as local partnerships.

This project is so important today because it was planned before we knew of covid and now more than ever everyone understands and has felt at some stage what social isolation and loneliness feels like.

During certain days of the week we’ll also be having people available from local partners to offer further support such as social prescribers, advice services and housing related support.

This project will be a secret project running around our usual busy coffee shop those who are reffered over simply show the server a card and no fuss is made you’ll simply be treat like every other customer.



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