Suspended Coffee re-launches to support those suffering loneliness, Anexiety & Depression

LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar has a deep routed ethical commitment to supporting our community, We are heavily networked with the right people to ensure we are able to support our community in a meaningful way that will have a lasting impact.

Our ‘Suspended Coffee’ scheme is just one way of supporting our local community by working with The Annexe in the Dyke House Area (also known as The Wharton Trust)  we are able to share our Suspended Coffee’s across Hartlepool.

Coffee Shop Co-Owner Angela Arnold said "The suspended coffee scheme within Hartlepool has been a huge success with over 1000 coffee's donated by our community and matched by LilyAnne's so they can bring a friend or simply have two coffee's"

"During the Coronavirus lockdowns we had to close the business and could no longer hand our suspended coffee's in the way we always have, therefore we are today relaunching the scheme to support those most impacted by loneliness, anexiety & depression while still supporting the many more within our community"

"Customers can come into LilyAnne's and buy a suspended coffee which costs £2.50 and makes a huge difference across our community".

Sharing with the right people