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We are a community-focused business we like to try and make a difference within the community where we can.

This is why when we heard Hartlepool Community Soup was back we jumped at the chance to support the event by providing the soup and bio-degradable plastic-free soup containers.

What is Community Soup?

Community soup is a fantastic concept and is a great way to support the community.

Basically a number of community groups pitch the ideas for projects they need support with.

But these are not just any pitches and projects these are some of the most inspirational people in Hartlepool who are working to make Hartlepool a better place.

Then once everyone has pitched the soup is passed out and the votes for the best pitch are handed in.

Those pitching this year was Make Dyke House Beautiful, Something to believe in, The Veterans Breakfast Club, The People’s Community Project, and The Wintertide Festival.

The winner was announced as Make Dyke House Beautiful who walked away with over £200 for a great cause which was then matched by local Labour ward councilors.



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