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Meet Trevor The Project Development Coordinator who focuses on reducing the feelings of loneliness

Meet Trevor he wanted to create a coffee shop that supports the community while serving a great coffee that works behind the scenes to reduce the feelings of loneliness and creating companionship.

LilyAnne’s isn’t a mental health cafe and we don’t believe in stigmas or labels, we are a coffee shop that offers nice coffee that you can come enjoy with your family, friends or on your own with the added extra of being able to tap into the support we offer.

Most of Trevor’s time is spent on relationship building and partnership meetings to develop and strengthen our social offering and the support we can offer within the coffee shop.

The work that happens behind the scenes is to develop and plan projects, actives and events that reduce the feelings of loneliness and create companionship these projects include our Learn 2 Cook, GP Referral Schemes, social prescribing projects, mental health support & peer to peer support groups within the town.

A lot of his time is spent away from the coffee shop with community partnership meetings, local steering groups to develop relationships that develop the coffee shops social offering through a partnership approach by working with local charities, mental health support, local housing groups, the local authority and the local NHS and Hartlepool & Stockton Health to develop the support we have in place.



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