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Meet Gemma the senior barista who focuses on serving amazing coffee while supporting people.

Meet Gemma who is our senior barista who was one of the first the coffee shops first customers and incredible service skills where identified through her mulled spice tea drinking style.

Gemma is a happy smiling and bubbly member of the team who makes everyone feel welcomed and valued.

Gemma never really liked coffee, but these are the best people to work in a coffee shop as they are never aware of how incredible their coffee making skills are, we slowly encouraged Gemma to try coffee and now Gemma enjoys a daily coffee.

She is a happy smiling team member who loves people and is able to serve all of our customers with a smile and the warmth and love of her 'hello how are you today?' Gemma is an incredibly skilled team member and is really able to offer some incredible support to those that need it.

She is a good listener and is really good at offering people who are looking for that companionship the support they need.

She is currently studying first aid mental health to enable her to provide more support to those she is helping and is a real part of our community.



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