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Meet Angela, The Community Navigator within LilyAnne’s and is the first point of contact of support

Angela has been with the coffee shop since the planning stages, and has been here since it opened and has helped us map the dream of creating the coffee shop that is here today including the quality, the service and the social offering and additional support we have in place.

Most of you will know Angela as the bubbly and smiling team member who makes time for everyone who comes into the coffee shop, and oversees the daily management of the coffee shop if you are here to enjoy the coffee and food.

If you are her to simply to enjoy a coffee she'll always ask how your day has been? but not everyone know where that question can lead to if your simply here to enjoy the coffee, meet your friends or host a meeting.

Angela is more than a waitress she is that person who will alway take the time to listen, talk and have a laugh with you. She is a real shining star within the community, the most amazing thing about her is she is not here to judge she is here to offer support to people and help reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation.

With the ability to talk to people and link them to other people within the coffee shop who are looking for the same level of support to make new friends. She is also able to support those who need additional support by linking them into our network of community partners.

She is a community leader and when it comes to the delivery of projects within the coffee shop is a key part is leading on these and ensuring they are perfectly landed to support the right people in the right way.



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