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Meet Aaliyah the barista who works Friday & Saturday and focuses on serving amazing coffee.

Meet Aaliyah who is the barista who works Saturday and focuses on serving amazing coffee, while offering a friendly smile.

Aaliyah joined the team over a year ago in-between the covid lockdowns and joined us at a time when we were unable to focus as much on supporting the community within the coffee shop, because it became illegal to sit in and drink coffee for a period of time.

Aaliyah quickly supported us with running a number of community projects during the lockdowns and ensuring we were able to support the community with our mental health and well-being packs.

Aaliyah is a full time student, studying at the local six form college and is able to use her skills to relate to younger members of our community, she is a good listener and kind hearted member of the team.

Aaliyah works Friday evenings where she supports Gamers @ Hart and Saturdays and supports with community projects within the coffee shop.



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