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LilyAnne's & Wharton Trust Jubilee Street Party

The National Lottery Community Fund kindly grant funded LilyAnne's £10,000 to host a Jubilee Street Party.

At a time when the nation came together we knew members of our community would have felt at their most isolated.

Covid taught us that despite streets coming together to take part in activities and national events such as clap for careers.

Those who experienced loneliness and isolated and lived alone, felt greater levels of isolation, they felt left out and a spare part, some never bothered for fear of what others may think of them allowing negative thoughts to keep them locked inside.

National celebrations for the Queen Jubilee created a sense of the nation coming together to celebrate, but as before those living alone, facing isolation and loneliness faced the same experience of a weekend alone while there street celebrated.

We wanted to prevent this and create an opportunity for our community to come together to celebrate while reducing the feelings of isolation and linking other people from partners experiencing the feelings together.

Enabling them to connect, make friends, be heard and belong.

Approximately 400 people attended and enjoyed the day which featured Radio Hartlepool and ​live music from Finlay Dobing Music and Khalysis and even a Visit from Hartlepool Neighbourhood Police Team

We had bubble making, face painting, competitions, games, live music, food and even local police officers brought along the van for the young people to sit in.

There was not an open invite system in place as we felt things could get out of hand if we shared on social media a free street party was happening to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. ​

Instead we worked with local partners to promote the event to their clients and community members who face being alone over the Jubilee weekend.

We set up special quiet zones for those that struggle with large groups of people and sounds.

We set up groups from the LilyAnne's community who had previously experienced isolation until meeting and making new friends at Lilyanne's whereby we set up chatter and natter tables, arts and crafts tables to ensure everyone had a good time.

The Queens Jubilee was a great opportunity to get the community together, raise awareness of the support we offer.

Connect with communities especially those members who live social isolation and loneliness every day, being able to reduce those feelings with the team and partners on hand to offer further signposting and support around mental health and isolation.

enabling us to engage with communities who would have stayed at home and been alone.

LilyAnne's would like to thank the National Lottery Community Fund for this grant because without it non of this event would have been possible.



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