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LilyAnne's Support Hub? How to ask for help.

We know people who are experiencing loneliness, social isolation & mental health-related conditions are out there wanting to reach out for support the biggest step wondering how you reach out and ask for support.

We know the older you get the harder it is to make new friends within social environments but we are here to help with those steps and help support you with better mental health.

We know you have your own life experience, expertise and resources in looking after yourself but things can get tough and the worse things get the harder it is to reach out for support.

Simply pop in and order a drink (they start from £1.50) take a seat, and when you're asked how your coffee is simply let the person serving you know you'd like some help.

We don't need to know your story to help you.

We don't believe you should go from place to place to share your story, in fact, we want or need to hear your story to support you.

Access our support hub.

If you or someone you know is finding life a little too hard and would like to talk about it you can pop into The LilyAnne's Support Hub.

The cost of accessing our support hub is the cost of a drink which starts from £1.50. Monday to Friday 10 am to 12 pm grab a drink and we will have a chat with you to find out what's going on a find a way to support you going forward.

We'll support you moving forward.

For the cost of a drink, we'll support you with finding out about what's going on in your life, we'll get to know what matters the most to you, what keeps you enjoying doing and what makes you happy and how we can help support you to live a good life.

How can you support me?

- Making a plan to help you move forward, make new friends and begin supporting your own mental health.

- Connecting you with supportive services and activities we are running.

- Access to Coffee Mornings & peer-to-peer support network.

- Connecting you with the community and other groups happening within the area.

- Introducing you to other services and support that can help you with your mental health.



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