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LilyAnne’s is proud of our deep-rooted local and community values.

As part of a local commitment to supporting local businesses, we are now proud to have partnered with a local community Coffee Roaster.

While we ensure we continue our ethical commitment to ensure our coffee farmers are getting a fair price that will enable them to grow next years crops and support the families and communities who supply our coffee.

We believe in ensuring the farmers in the countries our coffee is imported from is truly sustainable and we pay a price for our coffee to ensure the farmers can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while ensuring we can secure the costs of our coffee a year in advance.

Not many people know but it takes a whole year to ensure a good batch of coffee beans are harvested and grown, Our buyers must consider coffee and the funding for the farmers growing our coffee 12 months in advance to ensure it is sustainable.

We only source the best quality coffee beans, we use speciality coffee which ensures each and every cup is perfectly handcrafted with an amazing coffee taste within each and every cup.

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