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LilyAnne's experiencing huge increase in people experiencing homelessness and wanting to end lifes

We are experiencing a huge increase in people who are experiencing homelessness and wanting to end their lives.

The age range of people we are supporting is from 18 to 50s with the majority of these not turning to drugs or alcohol to help them cope.

If you can support us in anyway please consider supporting us with donations of sleeping bags, warm coats and clothing items as our stocks are running low.

Saturday was another busy day within LilyAnne’s Wellbeing with people experiencing homelessness for various reasons.

We supported a number of people who’ve been living in the streets all drug and alcohol free, experiencing circumstances beyond their control.

One young lad slept under the police station so he felt safe and waited from 5am for our doors to open to offer him some support.

Another experienced issues with problem neighbours forcing them to sleep on the streets because they could no longer cope.

Having come to us to access support after attempting to end their life but falling from the tree.

We are here to support anyone who needs someone to talk to and we can help support you on an ongoing basis and continue that support as we link you into services that are able to help.

We want to say a huge thanks to North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trustwho are doing a fantastic job At supporting those within a mental health crisis.



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