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Huge Thanks for making LilyAnne's your local community coffee shop

LilyAnne's has really developed in to a special place, which is locally rooted and supports member of our community in a unique way.

The way in which we work, hasn't really been done before in the UK, nothing like this exists anywhere else we are a coffee shop serving great coffee while using the money from the sales of coffee to support our community.

Trevor Sherwood Project Development said "We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported LilyAnne's because you are truly supporting us to help our community together.

"Behind the scenes, We are on a mission to help support our community. We are supporting members of the community who are feeling lonely and are socially isolated in total from January 2022 to March 2022 we have supported 240 people.

"We do this while running a busy coffee shop that serves one of Hartlepool's best-tasting coffees because we genuinely care about supporting people.

"By supporting LilyAnne's as your regular coffee shop you are really able to make a huge difference within your community already this year we have together made a difference in the lives of 200 people locally."

Those who have supported us have enabled us todo achieve the following and more.

✅ You have helped us prevent a number of people at crisis point who no longer wanted to be here, after feeling they had nowhere to turn.

✅ You have helped us help people get the mental health support and advice they need when they are facing difficult times with money, housing, relationships, and the problems life chucks at us.

✅ You have helped us support those genuine people on the streets living without roofs over their heads, and with our partner's support, they all now have roofs over their heads.

✅ You have helped us create a safe space for anyone to turn when they need a little help in life, someone to listen to or to gain advice and support

✅ You have helped us teach people within Hartlepool how to cook, some of who were living in their first house having lived on the streets with no cooking skills.

✅ You have helped us run supported sessions to help reduce the feelings of loneliness and social isolation getting back out of the house after being stuck in for many years

✅ You have helped us provide one-to-one support for those facing emotional distress, having lost a loved one, or experienced a traumatic experience.

✅ You have helped us turn people's lives around, from having no motivation to having all the motivation in the world.

✅ You have helped us support those who cannot afford a drink with our suspended coffee scheme to access the support they need.

You've really helped us achieve this by supporting LilyAnne's as your local coffee shop and with our incredible network of community partners.

If you are wanting to find a way to support your local community we have a number of volunteering opportunities, but the simplest way to show your support is by making LilyAnne's your local community coffee shop by buying your coffee here.

More information about the events we have running to support our community can be found online at



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