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Homelessness project launches in Hartlepool thanks to new partnership

Everyone deserves the essentials in life but when food you don't have enough money to buy food, personal hygiene becomes second best.

That's why LilyAnne's & Nite Light CIC is forming a partnership to support people living within Hartlepool.

Together we will support those who are homeless, living in insecure housing or who are on low income with a cashless service which has been a great success within Middlesbrough and Stockton.

The project will now launch in Hartlepool to ensure we can support our community here.

Nadia Gibany of Nite Light CIC said "'We are thrilled to be working in partnership with LilyAnne’s C.I.C. It will ensure that we can reach more people throughout the Tees Valley by bringing our services to Hartlepool.

"We provide cards for meals, snacks and drinks as well as hygiene bags for men, women and children. Where people can't afford food, hygiene becomes a distant second and our aim is to provide the essentials for anyone struggling in these difficult times.

"Working together helps Nite Light CIC keep delivery costs to a minimum meaning all donations are spent as intended.

"We have been able to provide these services purely from the generosity of local Supermarkets, Businesses and members of the public through our ‘Pay It Forward’ service. Pay it forward simply means to give back an act of kindness to someone else,"

Trevor Sherwood said “LilyAnne’s has supported the homeless, hidden homeless and those who are sofa surfing within Hartlepool since we launched over three years ago,

“We were contacted by Nite Light CIC with the interest in expanding the community support into Hartlepool after they had seen the work we had been doing within the community coffee shop.

“We both wanted to expand the work we are both doing within area to share our experiences and skills within hartlepool to develop a new project that would really support our homeless community, those within insecure housing and those on low incomes.”

The new cashless service will launch within Hartlepool through the partnership work and LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar on Victoria Road will be the main hub for the project and will establish street volunteers through the partnership and work with other local established community groups and primary schools to ensure we have a town wide reach to ensure we can support those who really need our support.

The project will support those who are homeless, living in insecure housing or who are on low income.

Individuals and families who present the card they have been given in exchange for a hot meal, hot drink or a hygiene pack which can all be redeemed from LilyAnne’s

With the aim of supporting those who are most in need within Hartlepool from students, furloughed families, pensioners, and those who are homeless.

We both believe that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and when people cannot afford to buy food personal hygiene becomes a second best.

If you can help please visit and select Hartlepool.



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