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Helping the Street Homeless in Hartlepool

LilyAnne's is a social enterprise coffee shop with the sales of products we sell being used to pay our overheads and support our community,

Our aim is to reduce feelings of loneliness and create companionship. But we get involved in so much more. No day is ever the same.

We believe in a Human Kindness approach but we can only work with people who are wanting to engage and are ready to make the small changes that will make a huge difference.

Under the hood, we support many more other areas than just those that are experiencing loneliness, we support people with our one-to-one support hub whereby we are here to listen and best support the way we can.

We support people with the root causes and triggers of a mental health crisis and during 2022 we supported 1754 people accessing our support hub for issues around loneliness, emotional well-being, social choices, housing and money and budgeting advice.

We've supported 231 people during 2022 who needed support with housing issues which have triggered feelings of emotional well-being.

Those living on the streets experience increased levels of loneliness, isolation and mental health-related issues.

Those living on the streets have many experiences as to why they ended up living on the streets and we'll work to find the root causes to help reduce the risk of the situation by listening and talking while identifying opportunities that will support the situation.

We've been able to support 31 people who are genuinely street homeless over several months. Supporting them back into supported housing while offering wrapped-around support through a partnership approach.

Recently we ensured a guy who was living on the streets with soaking clothes was provided with new shoes, new clothing with the help of The Poolie Time, and a hygiene pack with the help of Night Lite.

We allowed him to use our facilities to clean himself, get a warm drink and feel human before taking him across to the very helpful housing team within Hartlepool Council to register him as homeless.

With the support of the Joesph Roundtree Foundation and the council, ensuring he was placed in a Hotel and then housed within supported accommodation and is continued to support by LilyAnne's and other partners.

We then work towards Reducing the risk of them becoming homeless again, Working towards managing budgets, how to pay bills, how to buy shopping and learning how to cook simple meals.

Those on the streets may have never had to do the things we take for granted. Therefore increasing the risk of them becoming street homeless again.

To prevent being made homeless again, continued engagement is key. But if they fall back into homelessness once they are ready to engage again we will be there to support the process again. without judgement.

Making LilyAnne's Your Local Coffee Shops Means There's A Lot of Good Going on.

We are able to support those living on the streets by you making LilyAnne's your local coffee shop, we are not dependent on grant funding we are self-sustainable through our coffee shop revenue.

So we really mean it when we say by making LilyAnne's your local coffee shop there is a lot of good going on.

Not everyone who is homeless wants to be housed, some people are happy with the situation but require different levels of support which we are able to offer.

Every situation is different so the level of support we can offer is on an individual basis.

Building relations, building their connections and enabling them to engage with services and partners to ensure they are able to get their life back on track.

With the support of The Poolie Time, Let's Connect, Night Lite C.I.C., The Joesph Roundtree Foundation, Cornerstones, One CIC, Home Group & Thirteen Group.

We have supported people from the streets back into housing and continued working with our partners and the individual on their terms once they are in accommodation to continue that support, but only if the individual wants to support.

How can you support LilyAnne's Support the Street Homeless?

The best way you can support us is by making LilyAnne's your local coffee shop.

You can suspend a coffee for £3.00 for someone in need rather than handing over cash to those living on the streets.

You can make donations of Pot Noodles, Pillows, Sleeping Bags and Hygiene items to LilyAnne's to be shared with those living on the streets.



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