LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar is proud to support our community and one of the ways in which we support our armed forces and emergency services community is by offering a supportive safe space within a relaxing environment.

Each Saturday from 9.30am Servicing armed forces, veterans and emergency service workers and retired workers are invited to come to our Breakfast mornings.

Enabling those who want to make new friends and meet like-minded friends can do so within a supportive environment free from judgment to simply have a coffee in a friendly company with similar shared life experiences that few rarely understand.

LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar became involved with hosting the group due to our community values and visions for tackling loneliness and mental health within our community.

If you are up for connecting with like-minded friends and are a veteran or are serving please feel free to join us.

By opening up our coffee shop every Saturday morning we enable Veterans to have a place of safety and warmth in Hartlepool.