Hartlepool MP Mike Hill supports the suspended coffee scheme

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has pledged his support to the LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar suspended the coffee scheme.

MP Mike Hill popped in and donated a large number of suspended coffee’s to support those in Hartlepool.

The Suspended Coffee Scheme makes a huge difference across Hartlepool with vouchers being passed amongst many community groups, charities and food banks across Hartlepool to ensure they reach people who would genuinely appreciate and genuinely be able to take advantage of a suspended coffee.

About Suspended Coffee’s

LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar has a deep routed ethical commitment to supporting our community, We are heavily networked with the right people to ensure we are able to support our community in a meaningful way that will have a lasting impact.

Our ‘Suspended Coffee’ scheme is just one way of supporting our local community by working with The Annexe in the Dyke House Area (also known as The Wharton Trust)  we are able to share our Suspended Coffee’s across Hartlepool.

Sharing with the right people

We ensure our coffee is shared with the right people, the people that they will make a real difference too, because you’ve spent your hard earned money paying it forward, and suspending a coffee we have a commitment to ensure these go to the right people and ensuring that these people don’t take advantage of the system.

People who have touched the hearts of youth workers, people who really deserve a coffee, people who would not even consider treating themselves to a coffee, people who are suffering loneliness, people who are suffering depression, people being merged on to universal credit and having to wait six weeks for money.

We are also supporting those that are genuinely homeless, keeping them warm and ensuring they do not go cold.

It is more than a coffee

Our suspended Coffee scheme is more than just a coffee, it is meaningful, supportive and encourages change.

It allows the person who claims it, to bring a friend or just have two drinks into a warm, friendly environment where our team will make them feel welcome the moment they step into our coffee shop.

It’s an escape from the reality and troubles of everyday life, it’s a warm environment and a scene of escape within a safe and relaxing environment.

It’s often a lifeline, a scene of belonging, knowing that someone out there cares when they’ve forgotten how important they are, it’s a scene of happiness, a little treat it’s the small wonders of life that people like me and you take for granted.

Some people would never buy a coffee, because it is often the choice of paying to feed the family, putting the heating on and having a warm nights sleep for some people they just would not think of themselves and would never think about treating themselves others may be able to afford the coffee but simply need that smile putting back on their faces a simple gift of kindness to cheer their day knowing out there someone within their own community someone they do not know was thinking of them in that moment they needed it.

We don’t kick people when they are down, we stand over them offering them a hand ready to pull them back up. It’s important we live in our community we work within our community and we are here to support our community.

So how do I suspend a coffee?

Simply ask to suspend a coffee, the next time you are within LilyAnne’s if you can’t afford we understand, we all need to look after our pennies from time to time, but if you can spare £2.50 you’ll suspend a coffee and we’ll ensure we match the coffee so the person who receives the official invite to collect a coffee can bring a friend, family member or simply take time out and enjoy both coffee’s.

We cannot thank you enough

We cannot thank our customers who have supported our suspended coffee scheme enough, Suspending a coffee will make a huge difference to our local community.

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