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My Feelings

 If you feel different to your normal self or have noticed a change in your behaviour. We can help you understand your feelings.

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Often we can feel a little different from others. Those around us often don't understand these feelings. 

Eating Problems

All of us have a different relationship with food & eating. If you think its taking over your life then you may have an eating problem

Out of Control

If you feel overwhelmed when this happens you can feel out of control you can feel stressed but you are not alone help. 


In life we all feel angry sometimes, often thee is a good reason to be angry. But we can be angry a lot or this could become harmful and dangerous

Greif and loss

When you loose someone close to you it's to to feel sad, depressed, worried or angry. We all react in our own way. 

Panic Attack

A panic attack can be a scary experience it can feel overwhelming but there are ways to help you cope.


Down and Unable to cope

During our life we can all have times when we feel low that we feel like we cannot cope.

All of us will feel lonely at some point in our life. It can be hard to cope with but there are things that can make you feel better.

Self Harm

S​elf harm can be hard to talk about. Self harm is more common than you think and there is ways to help you cope.


Sleep Problems 

everyone experinces problems with sleeping, waking or even having bad dreams. If you are having sleep issues there are ways to help you cope.


Feeling Stuck

When you feel stuck it can be difficult to dal with it can make us feel down or frustrated. It can make you feel like you don't know who you are or where to start. There are ways to help you cope.


Suicidal Thoughts

Often you may feel so down that you dont see a way out but you are not alone. Many people feel this way but with help you can get help

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