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Our Community


Entering LilyAnne's Coffee Bar, you feel a real sense of community and belonging many leave saying they really felt welcomed but not many leave knowing they've just been into a community cafe.

That is because we are within a very busy town centre location and we don't look or feel like a community cafe in the traditional sense. 


That's because we focus on good service, good coffee and good food with all the profits being used to support our community in Hartlepool. 


We've really invested in the look and feel of the location but if you do not require the support we offer to our community service users you'd never know so much support was happening around you. 


Which makes it feel an even better and safer environment for the members of the community we really support.

We work with lots of groups to identify the right people who need our support or our team identify those tduring the customer service stages when they use the cafe. Even those who don't know we are a community cafe 

So if you are put off visiting us because we are a community cafe please come and experience us for yourself because all the coffee you drink really will go towards making a huge difference within our community. 

Where do the profits go?

We work with voluntary charity sector organisations, local communities and faith groups within Hartlepool. 

Through the provision of information, actives, events, advice and guidance which support the local community. 


We run a community cafe which provides engagement, support opportunities, with the main aim of reducing loneliness, supporting those suffering mental health and reducing social isolation. 


We achieve this through activities, events and support groups which will encourage the growth of strong community cohesion within Hartlepool. 


While creating education and training programmes for local people via employment, work placements, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities. 


With community support for those within our community who are vulnerable, lonely & isolated to create greater community cohesion. 

Covid Support

Coronavirus has had a great impact on our community and the way we are able to run community support events because we are a coffee shop during the initial COVID response we closed our doors but we support other community groups in Hartlepool who delivered a COVID response. 

Now we are back within our community we have created a COVID Safe environment which will enable us to resume our networking and support sessions that focus on Mental Health, Loneliness and reducing social isolation. 

As our community gains confidence and feels more safer within the community we will be able to increase the level of support we can begin to contiune offering our communuity at a time when it is needed the most.