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What is Anger?

When is it a problem?

We all feel anger at certain points in our lifeIt is normal to feel angry at times in fact it's a natural reaction. Even if you work within policing it's part of being a human. Its a normal and healthy emotional reaction which we might experience when we feel: 

  1. attacked 

  2. deceived 

  3. frustrated 

  4. invalidated 

  5. unfairly treated


being angry is not a bad thing, often this emotion can be useful, because when we feel angry it can help us influence:

  1. working out the root cause of things that are hurting us.

  2. help us personally to adapt, create change, achieve goals, apply for promotions and move on. 

  3. it can help us stay safe during dangerous situations enabling a burst of energy which happens as part of our fight of flight response. 

The majority of people have times when they feel angry which is manageable which does not have an impact on their lives. 

When is it a problem?

There is only a problem with anger when you feel like it's get's out of control and has a negative impact on the people around you. examples of this:

  1. You express your anger through unhelpful or destructive behaviour.

  2. It impacts your overall mental and physical health. 

  3. you always feel angry and it becomes your only emotion. 

  4. you are unable to express your anger in a constructive helpful no-destructive way which has an impact on others.

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